About Me


peter profile fullHey. You probably click on this link by accident, but you're here now so read a little bit about me.

My name is Peter and I am currently a first year college student pursuing two degrees simultaneously, a B.A. in Economic and a B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts with my specialization in Television and Post Production.

My content is very family friendly, but if a movie is rated "R" expect that I will discuss why I think it is "R". I also attach a link to IMDb's parent guide for every movie I review before the 'read more' tag, so you can make the choice whether or not something is appropriate. On my YouTube videos I might swear but I censor it in post, however I don't have the capability to have someone down stream to do live censoring so there might be some mild language in live productions, like a podcast.

A large portion of my life revolves around movies, TV shows, and comic books so I wanted to create a place where I can share my views on different what I watch and read. Having an 'opportunity cost' outlook on life I always wanted to know if the hour or more that I'm about to spend watching a TV show or movie is worth it.

My comic book interest is mainly contained within the superhero genre and is all over the field in regards to DC or Marvel. Since I have my pull list set up at my local comic book shop, which I highly recommend you do as well, I might not know what comic books I'm getting let alone going to write about until that Wednesday.

As for television shows I gravitate towards superhero shows as well, but I do enjoy a good comedy show now and again. My favorite superhero inspired show is most likely The Flash and my top non-superhero show is Limitless.

For movies I watch almost anything, except horror and gore. I primary stick to big titles and pick at least one movie a week to see and write a review on, but some weeks there's not really anything I want to see in theaters so I'll write a review on a movie that's out on video on demand services.


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